KDR offers an extensive range of real property acquisition services including the following:

  • Project cost estimates
  • Relocation studies
  • Design recommendations to mitigate acquisition costs
  • Procedure definition
  • Production control
  • Right-of-way plan review
  • Legal description review
  • Appraisals and appraisal reviews
  • Cost to cure estimates
  • Title examinations
  • Negotiations
  • Project management
  • Closings
  • Relocation assistance
  • Relocation payment computations
  • Eminent domain suit preparations
  • Expert court testimony

In order to optimize cost efficiency, the number and level of these services can be tailored to meet your needs and discontinued or added as dictated by changing circumstances. Outsourced support is often utilized to improve cost effectiveness and timeliness of delivery.

Our operation incorporates the latest technology. Utilizing Microsoft software and a network server, we are fully integrated and have streamlined many functions on forms that we have designed to facilitate the workflow of documentation associated with the acquisition process. We have personnel trained in maintaining RUMS, the VDOT network computer system, which is a requirement when dealing with any state owned right of way. In those instances where outsourced assistance may be needed for specialized services, we have an extensive network of subconsultants with whom we have established relationships who can perform assigned work in a timely manner.