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We are a full-service property rights acquisition company.  Our mission at KDR is to provide competent, high quality, cost effective real property acquisition services through honest and fair dealings with our clients and those from whom we acquire real property rights, in a manner that is optimally beneficial to all concerned.


“The just compensation required by the Constitution to be made to the owner is to be measured by the loss caused to him by the appropriation. He is entitled to receive the value of what he has been deprived of, and no more.  To award him less would be unjust to him; to award him more would be unjust to the public.”

  • Bauman v. Ross, 167 U.S. 548, 574.17 S. Ct. 966, 976 (U.S. 1897).


Employee Updates / Job Opportunities

Job Opportunity – Do you like interacting with interesting people? Do you get satisfaction from negotiating deals? Do you enjoy finding the devil in the details? Are you looking for a small company environment with professional growth potential?

KDR is looking for an outgoing, respectful Right of Way Specialist to skillfully negotiate acquisition of land rights and purchases of real property required for public improvement projects in Central Virginia. As key team members, Right of Way Specialists are also responsible for reviewing title reports for accuracy, interpreting engineering plans, construction drawings and real estate valuation reports, maintaining project files and producing reports.

Successful candidates should be knowledgeable of the principles and practices of real property acquisition for public purposes; the legal instruments involved in real estate transactions; procedural regulations for property acquisition through the use of eminent domain; be adept at courteously and effectively negotiating the purchase or real property, enjoy a balance between office and field work, and have an aptitude for working with numbers and engineering plans.

If interested, please go to the “Contact” tab on this website and provide the requested information for someone to contact you.

We regret to share the passing of Sandra B. Baber on April 9, 2023. Sandy was part of the original team when the company was founded in 2002 and was an integral part of its establishment and primary contributor to our success over the past two decades. She recently had retired from full-time employment but continued to provide title reviews on a part-time basis.

KDR is pleased to announce the association of Bridgette Cacho-Taylor with our staff. Ms. Cacho-Taylor is a graduate of Adelphi University with a degree in Business Administration. She began her career as a mortgage loan processor with JPMorgan Chase in 2001. She continued in the banking industry as an accounting specialist with Wachovia Bank Corp and a loan modification specialist with Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. In addition to being a legal assistant to a law firm for three years, she most recently was a title curative specialist with OS National where she gained experience in reviewing legal documents associated with mortgage loans and identified recorded property encumbrances to effect the clearance of title. Her duties with KDR will include title research, document preparation, and transaction closing tasks.

Recent Projects

Route 1 and Temple Avenue Intersection – KDR was hired by the Clark Nexsen engineering firm to assist in the acquisition of real property rights in conjunction improvements to enhance traffic flow at the intersection of Route 1 (Boulevard) and Temple Avenue in the City of Colonial Heights. The project will involve the construction of curb and gutter along Route 1 which previously will have been open access for free vehicular movement. Twelve commercially improved properties will be impacted.

Magellan Parkway – This two-phase project involves 15 parcels that will be impacted by the construction of a new road intersecting with Route 1 in northern Henrico County and extending eastward across Interstate 95 to Scott Road. The proposed road will accommodate traffic flow between Route 1 and the general area that is being developed with the $2.3 billion planned development known as Green City.

Nike Park Road Extension – KDR has contracted with Isle of Wight County to acquire right of way and easements for the extension of Nike Park Road from north of Reynolds Road to Route 17. When completed, the new road will accommodate traffic flow from Carrolton Nike Park to Route 17, which is a primary traffic artery that extends across the James River to Newport News. The project consists of five parcels.