When you need it done the right way.

We are a full-service property rights acquisition company.  Our mission at KDR is to provide competent, high quality, cost effective real property acquisition services through honest and fair dealings with our clients and those from whom we acquire real property rights, in a manner that is optimally beneficial to all concerned.


“The just compensation required by the Constitution to be made to the owner is to be measured by the loss caused to him by the appropriation. He is entitled to receive the value of what he has been deprived of, and no more.  To award him less would be unjust to him; to award him more would be unjust to the public.”

  • Bauman v. Ross, 167 U.S. 548, 574.17 S. Ct. 966, 976 (U.S. 1897).


Employee Updates / Job Opportunities

KDR is pleased to announce that Amanda L. Hill has been awarded the Senior Right of Way Professional (SR/WA) designation from the International Right of Way Association (IRWA). This 80-year old organization is the only professional association that trains and promotes all disciplines of the right of way industry. The SR/WA designation is the most prestigious one granted to right of way professionals who have attained such status through education, examination, and required experience.

Ms. Hill also is a Virginia Certified Title Examiner (VCTE) who has over 25 years of experience in real estate acquisitions specializing in performing advanced title research services including residential, acreage and commercial real estate parcels for both the public and private sectors. Her role with the company is as Right of Way Specialist conducting negotiations with property owners and quality assurance functions involved with the acquisition process.

We are proud of her accomplishments in fulfilling the requirements for this designation and confident that she will continue providing quality service to our clients as a newly designated right of way professional.

Recent Projects

Botetourt County – KDR is teaming with Faulconer Construction and Jacobs Engineering on a VDOT Design-Build project to complete road improvements along Route 220 between Gala and Clifton Forge. The project includes over 50 parcels. Services being provided include title research, valuation, document preparation, negotiations, closings, and project management. Right-of-way acquisition is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019.

Route 360 – Hanover County – KDR is currently providing right-of-way and easement acquisition services to Kimley-Horn & Associates, the design engineer for a 60-parcel project along a heavily commercialized section of the Route 360 corridor. This involves a full service contract including title research, appraisals, negotiations, settlement procedures, and project management. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2021.

Winterpock Road is one of several road improvement projects on which KDR is providing right of way acquisition services for Chesterfield County. This $16 million project involves the widening of the road from two to four lanes, the improvement of intersection safety with the construction of a roundabout at the road’s intersection with Ashbrook Parkway and McEnnally Road, and accommodations for bicycle and pedestrian paths. The length of the project is approximately one mile between Royal Birkdale Parkway and Route 360 with over 40 parcels being impacted. The full complement of right of way acquisition services is being provided. Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2020.