Our staff consists of knowledgeable individuals with a combined total of over 250 years of real estate and land acquisition related experience. Our employees have been extensively trained and recognized for their expertise in several disciplines including real estate appraisal, title examination, negotiation, relocation, project administration, and settlement coordination.

Our company or members of our staff are affiliated with several professional and business organizations including the Appraisal Institute, the International Right of Way Association, the Virginia Land Title Association, the Better Business Bureau, the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce, and the American Society of Highway Engineers.

We have established strategic alliances with several professional contractors that can provide additional assistance when needed including experienced Right-of-Way professionals on whom we can call when needed for special assignments or to enhance project teams.

Staff Listing

Allen G. Dorin Jr., MAI, SRA, R/W-NAC
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 302
President / Contract Manager
Sandra B. Baber, SR/WA
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 309
Vice President – Technical Services
Jefferson L. Dykes, SR/WA
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 305
Director of Project Management
M. Denise Gross
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 304
Senior Right-of-Way Technician/Post-Negotiation Team Leader
Jill Medina
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 319
Senior Right-of-Way Technician/Pre-Negotiation Team Leader
Ronald W. Andrews
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 308
Right-of-Way Specialist
Amanda L. Hill
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 315
Right-of-Way Specialist
Robin P. Gay
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 314
Right-of-Way Technician
Susan L. Hofacker
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 310
Title Specialist
Constance D. Shires
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 301
Executive Administrative Assistant
Robert W. Ryczko, CPA
(804) 672-1368, Ext. 306