When you need it done the right way.

We are a full-service property rights acquisition company. Our mission at KDR is to provide competent, high quality, cost effective real property acquisition services through honest and fair dealings with our clients and those from whom we acquire real property rights, in a manner that is optimally beneficial to all concerned.


Jaclyn M. Abramov has recently completed the requirements of the RWP (Right-of-Way Professional) certification program with the International Right of Way Association. In addition to having a Bachelor of Business Administration from Old Dominion University, she has over three years experience in transportation infrastructure projects and has successfully completed courses in the various industry disciplines including those related to real estate acquisition, negotiations, and specializing in relocation assistance.  KDR is proud of her accomplishments as she joins other designated employees with the company in providing right of way acquisition services “the right way”.

KDR is pleased to announce the association of Melissa E. West with the company. Melissa has a diverse background of experience as a Security Specialist with the U.S. Air Force, an Account Executive with Pitney Bowes, a Sales Agent with Diamond Resorts International, a Real Estate Short Sale and Collection Agent with JP Morgan Chase Bank, and most recently as a Title Abstractor, Design-Build Technician, and Special Negotiations Agent for VDOT. Her initial role with KDR will be in our Post Negotiation section where she will assist in the obtainment of lender releases and handling of closings.

Recent Projects

Greenview  Drive – KDR has teamed with McCormick Taylor and Branch Highways on a 37-parcel Design-Build project  in Lynchburg, Virginia. Required services include title research, valuations, negotiations, relocation assistance,  closings, and project management.

Route 10 – Through its on-call right of way acquisition contract with the County of Chesterfield, Virginia, KDR has been engaged to acquire property rights on 85 parcels along Route 10 between Bermuda Triangle and Meadowville Roads. Required services include title research, valuations, negotiations, relocation assistance, closings, and project management.